How it's Made: Wood Ya Sunglasses

By Al Morrison

Scattered across the Pennsylvania landscape are fallen treasures… Black Cherry trees that have succumbed to Mother Nature’s powerful forces and laid rest on the forest’s floor. Most would overlook the value of a fallen tree, but not Wood Ya Products. The end of one tree’s life is the beginning of our story.

Each year we walk through the dense forests of Northwest Pennsylvania in search of fallen timber to give a tree once left for dead, a second life. It’s a powerful feeling when you take something in its rawest form and turn into something useful and practical. We’d like to share how we do it.

It starts with a reclaimed cherry tree, first cut into logs and then milled into boards for drying. Drying can take up to a year, done naturally in a solar kiln without the aid of chemicals and accelerants.

Once dry the wood must be straightened, planed down, and shaped into workable boards… and then finally veneered into thin slices of wood. This process is completed in our shop in Fenton, Michigan.

Hand sketches and renderings are then transformed into computerized vectors and tool paths, which slice the cherry veneer into the shape of our sunglasses with high precision.

Gluing is critical to the strength of our sunglasses, with each pair having over 5 plys of veneer glued and shaped together.

Far from finished, each pair of sunglasses requires a tremendous amount of sanding and finishing, where detail and feel are two qualities that are never sacrificed. Stained and finished to perfection, our sunglasses are waterproof and sweat proof.

We then match each pair of sunglasses with high quality nickel hinges which include a double spring feature, allowing each pair of sunglasses to fit your head just right. And most importantly, we never take shortcuts when it comes to high quality optics. Every pair of Wood Ya sunglasses comes with the highest quality Coppertone polycarbonate polarized lenses made by Vision Ease, which are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It’s amazing it all begins with a fallen tree, and we’re proud to be doing something that’s different. Wood Ya Products is more than just wood products… its people using renewable resources to embody the true meaning of sustainable and ecofriendly.

Alger Morrison
Alger Morrison


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