Fresh Lumber

This past weekend we travelled to Morrison's Mill in Pennsylvania to pick up some wood for this winter. For over 12 months, reclaimed Maple and Cherry lumber has been drying in our homemade solar kiln. A solar kiln is a large shed like structure that allows wood to properly dry without the use of chemicals and electricity. During the day, a clear roof on the kiln allows sunlight to warm the inside of the kiln. Two solar powered fans draw air through the wood stack and keep the air inside the kiln as constant as possible. Even in the cold winter months and hot summer days, the solar kiln keeps the wood at fairly constant temperatures, allowing the wood to dry evenly and straight. Properly dried wood is very important for woodworking and a solar kiln is a great way to dry your own wood in a sustainable and eco-friendly process.

This is the first time we've brought back Maple lumber from our property and we're excited to use it this winter. Maple is a beautiful hardwood that will make some awesome sunglasses!  Wood Ya Eyewear will now be utilizing two types of wood for sunglasses that are 100% reclaimed lumber from Pennsylvania, a feat few in our industry do. While visiting the mill, we were also able to plant walnut seeds on the property. Black walnut is a beautiful wood that we utilize at Wood Ya and hopefully in a few years down the road there will be some Walnut trees on the mill for our business. It might take 20 years for the trees to grow, but it is neat to be a part of a renewable product's life cycle from the start. 

Enjoy some of the pictures below from our trip, check out our newest sunglasses, and help share our story!  

Fully loaded! Maple and Cherry boards ready to be brought back to Michigan.

Welcome to Morrison's Mill

Wood stacked in our shop in Michigan... Hopefully it lasts us the winter! 

Alger Morrison
Alger Morrison


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