About Us

When Al Morrison started Wood Ya Products in the summer of 2013, his goal was to produce a product that was sustainable, Eco-friendly, and very purposeful. Al has since reached that goal, but along the journey he has stumbled upon some rich family history that dates back to the late 1800's, making Wood Ya Products both unique and special. Al comes from a long line of woodworkers -- his father, Gene, and grandfather, Alger, both avid craftsmen -- as well as his great-great grandfather, Robert Morrison, who owned and operated a lumber mill in Northwestern Pennsylvania in the late 1800's. The property on which the mill was located on is still a part of the Morrison family today. 

Morrison's Mill is in Marienville, Pennsylvania, which boarders the dense woods of the Allegheny National Forest. Over a century ago, this vast wilderness was an old growth forest containing some of the largest Eastern Hemlock, American Beech, and White Pine in America. The exploitation of timber at the turn of the 20th century eliminated most of the old growth forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania, allowing the current hardwood forest to flourish and expand. Today, groves of Black Cherry, Maple and other hardwoods are scattered throughout the National Forest as well as on Morrison's Mill.

Much like the late 1800's, Morrison's Mill is still in operation today, but on a much different level and purpose. Each spring we walk the 100 plus acres in search of fallen Black Cherry and Maple trees in hope of harvesting the timber before it naturally decays. At Wood Ya Products, we believe it's important to utilize trees that have naturally fallen instead of cutting down healthy, living trees for our products. This is a sustainable practice that is both Eco-friendly and efficient. 

Woodworking has been a craft and hobby of the Morrison families for several generations. Wood Ya Products is proud to carry on that tradition as two sets of brothers push the boundaries of handmade wooden products