Our Wood

Pennsylvania Cherry

PA Cherry is considered one of the best woodworking woods available. While cherry trees are found throughout North America, Northwestern Pennsylvania produces cherry trees with the deepest color and workability. All of the cherry lumber used by Wood Ya is sourced from Morrison's Mill, located in Northwest Pennsylvania. The cherry lumber from Morrison's Mill is 100% reclaimed. Wood Ya does not cut down healthy living trees -- only cherry trees that have fallen from natural causes. Each spring we walk the trails throughout the property on Morrison's Mill in search of cherry trees that have fallen. We then cut the trees into logs that are taken out of the forest with a small tractor. With the aide of a manual bandsaw mill, we are able to cut the logs into boards... but this is not the final step. Once a log is slice into boards, the wood must dry over a long period of time. Wood Ya utilizes a solar kiln for the drying process -- a sustainable and eco-friendly way to dry lumber without chemicals or power. Once the wood is dry (approximately 9-12 months of drying), the wood is brought to our shop in Fenton, Michigan.

It's hard work procuring the cherry lumber from Morrison's Mill in Pennsylvania but we believe its important to incorporate sustainable practices into our process. It's rewarding to see a tree left for dead transformed into a useful product. Since we're taking lumber from Morrison's Mill we believe it's important to replenish the land by planting new trees. This fall hundreds of Walnut seeds will be spread throughout Morrison's Mill with the hope that someday the next generation of woodworkers will benefit from the trees that grow.